Residential and Commercial Roofing Specialists in Seattle

With more than 10 years of experience, Casabella Home Solutions, LLC. is a one-stop source for quality roofing solutions. We offer roofing cleaning, repair and replacement services to residential and commercial clients in Seattle.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to provide customized solutions that fit each customer’s needs.

Whether you require roof installation or repairs, you can trust us for all your needs.

Why Choose Us

Casabella Home Solutions, LLC. stands for quality workmanship, affordable pricing and superior products.
As a family-owned and operated company, Casabella Home Solutions, LLC. is licensed, certified, and insured to work on all types of roofing projects.

Our insurance and licensing protects our roofing contractors while working on commercial and residential properties of all sizes.

Regardless of project complexity, we can complete it effectively and on time! We are committed to building lasting customer relationships by meeting their expectations. This includes prompt, effective and lasting solutions.

We take care of every aspect of your roofing project so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Your roof is much more important than you think. A proper roofing system is an investment that could protect your property from water damage.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation. After performing an inspection of your roof, we offer a free, no-obligation estimate. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your roofing needs.

Roofing Solutions

We specialize in an array of residential and commercial roofing solutions. From complete tear offs of existing roofs to flashing replacements and shingle installations, we fix all sorts of roofing issues.

As commercial roofing requires skilled, trained roofers, our team is PVC and single ply certified. We can work with rubber roof, PVC, rolled asphalt or any other commercial roofing.

Roof Repair

Our roofing team is available 24 hours a day to resolve your roofing issues. We offer roofing repair services for common problems, which includes leaks, missing or damaged flashing, structural cracks, and more.

Many roof repairs can be completed the same day.  Call us to learn more about our pricing or to schedule your roof repair.

Roof Replacement

We offer roof replacement services for all types of residential and commercial roofs or condo complexes. Our team uses advanced tools and equipment to install a new roof in no time.

Commercial roofing systems require upkeep and inspection. We offer a comprehensive maintenance programs for commercial roofs, which includes routine inspections, maintenance, and so on.

Roof Cleaning

If you’re looking for roof cleaning in the Seattle area, we can help you with that.

Our roofing contractors have several years of expertise and experience in cleaning roofs of all sizes. They use certified, effective products and tools to ensure your roof can looks as good as new!

If you need your roof installed, cleaned or repaired, call now at 1800 269 0538.  You won’t be disappointed! 

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